Well, it has certainly been a long time since I posted anything new. Sorry about that. I was battling one hell of a bout of depression mixed with random periods of what I can only describe as mixed episodes.

I am finally a bit settled. I found a medication regimen that seems to be working (knock on wood, fingers crossed, or whatever superstition will prevent me from jinxing myself). I am even feeling coherent and like I can function like a human being again.

All in all, I seem to be on an upswing. The only caveat is, of course, I have to question whether this is a hypomanic upswing or if I am finally finding stability. I truly hope it is the latter, but only time will tell, I suppose.

I will try to be more consistent with my updates going forward and try to have more interesting content than just “how I am doing today.” Thanks for reading, as always!


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