Well, I have had quite the week with my bipolar disorder. I finally found a med recently that worked for me. I take meds for my anxiety that help reduce the prevalence of my panic attacks and keep me generally a little calmer. My doctor got that right on the first try (thank you Lexapro and Xanax).

However, because I was first diagnosed (not by this doctor but as a child) with unipolar depression, the medications I was initially given for my depressive side were largely ineffective. Seroquel helped me sleep but I became more deeply depressed than I have been in a long time. So, I talked to my therapist and then my doctor and switched to lamotrigine. Well, the lamotrigine made me feel extremely manic. I had excessive energy, couldn’t sleep, started spending money like crazy, and I had anxiety and panic attacks (because when I get manic, my anxiety acts up as well).

So, needless to say, I was only on lamotrigine for a few days. My doctor wanted to see me in the office again after that and we discussed everything. She decided that I might benefit from a newer drug called Vraylar. I trust my doctor completely and agreed to try the samples that she gave me. And low and behold! The medication worked. I felt better, more stable, less depressed, and I wasn’t manic. I just was. I could function.

But as my supply of samples ran low, I ran into a problem. My prescription at the pharmacy wasn’t going through because it was pending insurance approval. And insurance still has not approved it several weeks later. In fact, they have since denied the claim for my prescription because I had not tried more medications from the list they have of bipolar medications you should have to try in order to try something new and different.

I am so frustrated at the moment because the second set of samples I received will be depleted in a week and I have no idea what I am going to do. Medications that have any positive effect on bipolar disorder are hard to come by. Finding the right combination of medications can take years and will always need to be adjusted as the mind and body change but I have found something that works for me now and my insurance company is obstructing that. Changing medications at this point could cause things to get much worse, but insurance couldn’t care less.

I am stuck in a position that I know millions of people face for medications for all types of conditions and it infuriates me. People deserve better. We should be able to get the medications that we need for reasonable prices without non-medical professionals telling us we can’t get the drugs that we need. This is not an unreasonable desire and yet in this country, it seems an impossible dream. Oh well, I am ranting so I think I will wrap this up. Let me know if you have similar experiences or have your own opinions on such issues. Thanks for reading!


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